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I have been working with Cass in her program and she has supported me right throughout this journey. She has been a great mentor and key support. We have celebrated all my achievements and all my successes, and made this a ritual in every session.

Any challenges or set backs I faced, Cass has helped me to get through them, and we focused on how to turn these around to achieve positive outcomes for the following week.

I am truly grateful for Cass's support, she has helped me to get my motivation back and to reconnect with my body. I have lost over 5kgs and I have created new healthy habits that I can carry on during my day to day life in order to continue on my weight lost journey.


I've just signed up to work with Cass for another 8 weeks, so I can't wait to see how much more I will achieve.

Thank you again, Cass xx

Lara Cassata

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